Interior Design Services

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Interior Design Services

Most people find it challenging to look past what a space looks like now and see the range of exciting possibilities that exist through renovations and decor. At Patti Wilson Design, we believe that every home and space has infinite potential just waiting to be discovered and we offer a variety of different interior design services guaranteed to fit you and your design needs.

Drawing Packages

Detailed drawings and floor plans are essential to any successful renovation project.  Our drawing package includes floor plans, custom-cabinet elevation drawings and specifications, 3-D renderings with real live finishes, all of which help our clients visualize their dream space before construction begins, thereby reducing the risk of costly mistakes and avoiding any regrets.


Not only do we coordinate large builds and manage projects, we are also experts in renovations of any size. You’ve decided you do not want to move, but need some extra space or major changes in your home? Hire us to work out the details and manage your project for an effortless journey to the final reveal.

Custom Cabinetry

When you are looking for quality materials and hand-made products that are built to last, custom cabinetry is the ideal choice and an opportunity to personalize your home with unique pieces of furniture, built-in cabinets and bathroom vanities that are built specifically with you, your home and your personal style in mind.

Custom Millwork

Custom Millwork, such as panelled walls, detailed mouldings and coffered ceilings, bring an unrivalled warmth and character to a home. These touches transform ordinary rooms to inviting, three-dimensional, one-of-a-kind spaces.

Product Procurement

We’ve worked diligently over the last decade to establish the best team of highly-skilled contractors and artisans and have aligned ourselves with a network of top-quality manufacturers and suppliers with the same high standards that we have for delivering exceptional materials and services.

Soft Finishes

Spaces come alive with layers of colour, texture and other “soft finishes” as they are referred to in the design world. Draperies, re-upholstered furniture, throw cushions and wallpaper are just some of the ways that we add depth and personality to your space. We work with our reliable network of trusted retailers, talented Canadian artisans, quality paint suppliers and bespoke craftsmen to find beautiful pieces to suit your tastes and space.

Interior Styling

Interior Styling is a very important step in any renovation or design project and is often neglected or omitted by other designers. Once all the dust has settled and construction is finished, clients are often left feeling empty or underwhelmed. At Patti Wilson Design, we take great pride in selecting accessories and unique pieces that reflect our clients’ individual personalities, interests and style, leaving them with a custom curated, and completely finished space that they will enjoy for years.

Project Management Services

Beginning with the initial concepts, straight through to the finished product, we will oversee and coordinate your entire renovation project. We manage renovations of any size and custom new-build projects. Your entire project will be implemented and completed the way you intended—on time, on budget and without the time constraint and learning curve of doing it yourself.

Scope of Work

Creating a detailed scope of work is the foundation for your project and is one of the first steps in our design process. The purpose of the scope of work is to ensure that everyone involved in the project understands the vision, expectations, budget and extent of the work to be completed. It outlines each aspect of your project, including specific deliverables, materials, and labour.


Conversations around money and budgets are always difficult, but our detailed and itemized budgets and reconciliation of funds ensure that you know what every aspect of your project will cost from the kitchen sink and flooring, to the lighting and hardware. During the initial concept development phase, we take the time to source and present several options so that you can make informed decisions and we won’t start your project until the budget has been approved by you.  We will provide you with regular budget reports throughout the course of the project so you are aware of where your money is being spent.  We have the experience, knowledge with proven track record to transform your house into the home you’ve been dreaming of, on time, and most importantly, on budget.

Site Supervision

We will coordinate and look after all of the details – the scheduling of trades, delivery of materials, the building permit process and other facets associated with your project – so you don’t have to. We will oversee the progress of the work to ensure top-quality workmanship, and keep your project running smoothly, on schedule and on budget. Despite what you may see on t.v., no project is without a certain amount of challenges, however, we are committed to ensuring that any unforeseen issues that arise are promptly communicated to you and that a reasonable solution is effectively and efficiently achieved.

Open Communication

We pride ourselves on maintaining open communication and transparency with our clients, ensuring that they know about timelines, budget items and any issues that may arise so that decisions can be made efficiently and effectively.